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Dreams of the Dead

There are different kinds of dreams about the dead.

This section deals with dreams about people who are actually dead. 

Perhaps the hardest kind of dreams to have is one where you dream about the death of someone who you love and who is still alive. Take a look at Death of Someone Living.

Sometimes we dream about people who have died.

It can be very upsetting. Especially if we have some regrets about not properly saying farewell to them while they were alive.

Typically there is a series of dreams in which you meet the deceased in various ways. In the beginning, the dream might even be that they tell you it was all a mistake, that they never died at all. Often there are phone calls. It is quite common that eventually the deceased person says goodbye to you.

The rituals we have for saying farewell to our loved ones vary from culture to culture. I would recommend that you  find some way of saying goodbye to them and of letting them know, so to speak, that you loved them and miss them.

Things to do:


bulletTell the dream to other people who loved this person
bulletFind a way, in your culture, of saying goodbye to your loved one
bulletWrite them a letter telling them the dream and tell them anything left over that you feel you haven't said fully
bulletWait for the next dream

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